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    Stock 98 XPL - Smoke or water vapor in hull??

    Hey guys,

    Quick question, I have been running the ski fine for a couple seasons now without ANY problems. I have noticed after a long run when opening the engine bay there is a slight vapor mist in the hull... I can't tell if its light smoke or water vapor, but it looks..misty. The bay smells like 2 stroke...yum I do like to get wet on it and do take on a bit of water sometimes..but no problems, just want to see if anyone else has this happen.. or should I be concerned.


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    should not have mist in there at all, make sure all your exhaust clamps are tight they can get loose over time.

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    Also check the bolts that hold the exhaust onto the manifold. Im willing to bet that if you are getting extra water, and have exhaust smoke in the haul, somewhere your exhaust is leaking.

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    The motor was rebuilt and I reinstalled the exhaust to the manifold with a new gasket and correct torque spec. I'll check the other clamps on the exhaust though. I don't recall it being thick smoke. It seems more like steam from the hot motor and the water splashing around. It also doesn't happen all the time.

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