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    Replacing pump shaft Bearings

    Is it possible to replace the pump shaft and housing bearings without a press? Also, I am thinking of sending it to IMPROS to have them rebuild it, but I'm thinking I could do it myself. Any thoughts on IMPROS?

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    It is a fairly easy job to do, although I will say IMPROS is an excellent company overall... Best trick i've found is to remove the impeller, the intermediate shaft, then the seals plus any other things attached to the pump. I then throw it into the oven at 450 degrees for about 30 minutes, umm obviously be careful here as it's insanely hot and 1 set of oven mitts won't cut it. I usually use my airport style fire rescue gloves, but whatever works. Anyway, at this point i've had bearings just fall out with nothing more than a slight bang on the bench.

    Prior to all this put the new bearings in the freezer overnight, and they literally will fall right into where they need to go. Let it cool on it's own, then reassemble.

    P.S.- Have the service manual ready as it has all the proper torque specs for re assembly, and also tells what types of loctite to use and where..

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    Watch the heat aluminum can warp fairly easily. I press mine with a press but they do not take much pressure to move them. You can take it to a machine shop and they can press them in out for not very much. This is the safest bet>

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonyv1 View Post
    Is it possible to replace the pump shaft and housing bearings without a press? Any thoughts on IMPROS?
    > Yes, it's doable w/o a press. But you will need a impeller removal tool (impeller is threaded to the shaft).
    > IMPROS does an excellent job. Their turn-around time used to be quite long. Not sure these days.

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