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    just picked up a 09 fzr

    after searching and searching and having a deal no go thru last week, nothing happens for nothing lol, found a 09 fzr with 7.6 hours on it. Its bone stock. I run this a on a small lake, so top speed isent my main thing although id like a little more than stock if i ever come across an ultra 300 or 310 lol. What im really looking for is improving the holeshot and all around acceleration. What mods should it start off with? Id rather keep the exhaust stock to keep the neighbors happy and from what ive read the freeflows all have a drone sound. im coming from a modded aquatrax r12x 66-67mph gps . I just hope the fzr is as agile as the r12x. only thing i hated about the honda is it had terrible holeshot, but afterwards was a super fun machine on my calm lake, i had a 5 degree pump wedge on it and it made it a super fun wawe jumper.

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    reflash? jims 2014 fzr modded rideplate?

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    The first thing you want is the Aquavein intake grate.
    This will do two things, first it will improve your hole shot and hookup, and second it will help you avoid an overstuff and possible injury. Next I would add an air intake (mine cost $36 but you can get nicer ones) and the right ride plate will get you into the 73-74 mph range, depending on the exact plate (Jim's Performance has the best options). These items are very easy, at this point you will outrun a stock FZR or other stock 67 mph skis. If you want more, you can look into a reflash; 80 mph and beyond, the sky is the limit just depends on your goals. Gus has a good thread you will enjoy...

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    , how about ribbon delete, is this needed? also if i do the above mods, isent there a top speed limiter on these skis that has to be removed or raised, as well as an overboost limiter?

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    You can do a lot with not too much money on the FZR. I have a stage 1 ski that runs 73s all day with the stock SC and ECU. It has an intake, ff exhaust, ribbon delete, BOV, and rideplate (build thread in sig). Of course, a reflash will get you better performance.

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