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    08 rxp x 255 Mods Intercooler Info order list

    planning on getting few parts for 08 rxp x 255.

    Fizzle 4" air intake kit
    Exhaust Kit, Rear, SD 255/215 (fits RXP/RXT/GTX and X models)
    Pro-Series OPAS Block-off Kit RXP/RXP-X
    RIVA RXP-X/RXT-X Intercooler Upgrade Kit (2010 and older skis)

    Bigger Wheel , Which one should I buy for me not to change injectors?

    Impeller, Which one? If its even worth changing

    did I miss any items which I should upgrade on the ski? or should I consider any other ones? the intake grate was done.

    it says I need to get the RIVA RXP-X/RXT-X Intercooler Upgrade Kit (2010 and older skis)
    Is there a better way of doing these mods or is the upgrade necessary even if I ever wanted to upgrade the intercooler?

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    Replace the stock intake grate with a R&D. That is the best bang for your buck mod on the 255 Rxpx.

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    You will need bigger injectors and fuel if you go bigger then an x wheel.

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    83mm nozzle, ET wheel and spacer, pump wedge, I think 48 injectors, Eric at speedfreeks did my prop something like a 12/21 with a setback, R&D grate. It will scream. It already has a good intercooler and I wouldn't spend money on the exhaust. Yes, you have to change the prop if you do the mods

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