I just got this ski maybe 3 days ago and it's an unbelievable ride. I've got some questions. I'm thinking about putting an aftermarket bov on it to help save my clutch. Would that be necessary with a stock ski? It only has 21 hours on it. I might have a problem too. Somtimes when I'm taking off (its usually when I get done backing out of a slip but not always) the ski shakes and revs up but doesn't take off like it should then it feels like something has engaged and it is perfectly fine from then on. Any ideas? Maybe I didn't take it all the way out of neutral? Idk. Supercharger slipping? Idk. But some general info on how to ride a supercharged ski would be nice. I'm going to change the oil and anti freeze and spark plugs. Anything else I should replace while I'm in there?