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Thread: Motor Weight...

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    Motor Weight...

    I'm removing my motor and I don't have a crane to hoist it out. I can rent one if need be but was wondering how much these motors weigh... my buddies and I are strapping young lads but I get that gravity can still win a lot of the time. =P

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    put a strap or two around it and place a 4 ft 2x4 edgewise across the opening
    a guy on each side will have no problem
    I have a small electric hoist attached to garage beams that I use but have done the Manuel Labor method

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    It would be helpful to know which 'Ski/engine.

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    Motor Weight...

    If we are talking about a 1200, the weight of the block is around 125+/- if I remember correctly

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    type of ski shouldnt matter if like he says 2 young strapping dudes grab that 2x4.
    I started a weight vs type and HP thread on one of the other forums but could get anyone else to participate.
    I kinda like to know the power to weight ratio on things.....
    I love skateboards with SBCs...

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