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    1990 650sx new to me have questions

    I picked up a 1990 650sx this past weekend and trying to decide what I want to replace rebuild and just fix. First tthings first, how do I tell if it already has an oil block off installed? 2nd, iI have scoured the internet for a kill switch housing for it, but can't find one. I have read some people putting different model kill switches on to it like a super jet. But does anyone know what models exactly will work with it? Lastly, any thing fun I can do with? Go mods or replacement parts?
    Thanks and iIam glad to be here!

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    Does it still have the oil tank? Pump is on the front of the motor and hose comes from tank to pump, pump to intake.
    If the oil pump is gone, its switched to premix.

    As for the kill switch, personally i like the idea of it not shutting off when I fall off, it circles back, a lot less swimming after it. If you want a lanyard style, then the top half of a TS switch works. .

    Do a compression test, should be around 150 psi for a good one. Be sure the PTO cover is on over the drive shaft coupling, or else you can throw water up into the carb.
    Check all your hoses.
    Does it run?
    Primers are good for cold starts, lot less cranking. Warm starts sould be instant for a standup, no excessive cranking.
    Bildge pump a good idea too.
    Performance mods, well, depends how much you want to spend. Carbs, Exhausts, manifolds, heads, props, etc.

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