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    2013 Yamaha sho fzr won't crank??

    Hi, I have a 2013 Yamaha fzr. It won't crank most of the time and when it does crank, it takes a long time. It seems like the ECU is causing issues because the display panel doesn't work nor does the speedometer. Also, the bilge pump runs constantly after the ski is turned off. I had an aftermarket computer (Athena Pro-Series ECU) When the problems started. I put the stock ecu back in and it seems like the same problems are happening. I tested all the fuses and they are all good. If I put a fully charged battery in, sometimes it will crank and it will run and drive great, but when I shut it off and try to crank it 10 minutes later it usually won't crank again. Please help me with any advice! here's a list of all the mods I have on it.

    Performance Power Filter Kit RY13040
    Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit RY12040-IMUK
    Free Flow Exhaust Kit RY16040
    Pump Seal Kit RY25050
    Stainless Steel Intake Grate RY22050-1
    R-Series DynaFly Impeller YS-DF-13/22R
    Performance Ride Plate RY21050
    'GEN-2' Power Cooler Kit RY17040-PC-1
    SSQV Blow-off Valve Kit RY17040-BOV-SSQV
    Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit RY12040-IMUK
    Athena Pro-Series ECU RY11841-ECU-DC
    Engine Breather Upgrade Kit RY19040-12-EBUK
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    Sounds kinda like the security system is kicking in, do you have the remotes try locking and unlocking the ski if that's not it check the ground

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    Thanks! I will hunt down my key and try unlocking it.

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    It will try to fire but it won't crank

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    I don't see how it could "try to fire but it wont crank" I think you should rewrite your original post as to me it is very confusing on what is and is not happening....

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    I think he's trying to say the engine will crank (turn over) but it will not start and run. Like it has no spark or fuel..

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    How long is the bilge pump running after you crank it? It's normal for it to run for about 30 seconds after you shut it off or stop cranking.
    Sounds like it could be a blown fuse if the instrument panel isn't coming on.

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    The engine turns over but it won't start and run, like it isn't getting spark.

    the bilge pump runs non stop after the ski is off. It will run until the battery is completely dead.

    I checked all the fuses with a multimeter and all were good. I could possibly be looking over some but the only ones I located were inside a screw off cap close to the ecu

    Thanks everyone, great forum

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    2013 Yamaha sho fzr won't crank??

    Do you have the Athena ? Because if you do you do not need to worry about the remote. You need to remove the security box and put the bypass that comes with Athena. Also make sure you map is good. My ski never worked when the first athena came out. Lots and lots of time on the phone and emailing riva.

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    I actually replaced the security box up front with the athena supplied one. I did not think to change it out when I tried putting stock ecu in so that could cause all kinds of weird problems i'm sure. I will try with the athena again and flash it then try another map. The map I had in worked great for a few months. It seems like all this stuff started happening after it set up for winter (I had it winterized).

    Thanks for all your help everyone, you have given all kinds of great ideas I can try!

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