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    Boarding step for 2005 XLT. Can't find.

    I'm looking to purchase a boarding step for my 2005 XLT 1200 and can't find one for 2005 model year. They seem to stop at 2004. Is there a difference between the 2004 and 2005 that would make it not fit?

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    The xlt never came with a boarding step, you would have to purchase an aftermarket one. All Model year xlt hulls were the same 8/1200' alike at the back of the hull.

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    Yamaha made their own line of steps, and they are available at some dealers that have old stock. Just bought 2 a couple of years ago. Check Ebay or amazon. Yes, 2005 is the same as 2000xlt thru 2004xlt.

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    Here is one on Ebay, and is a duplicate of the Yamaha factory offered one.

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    Thanks guys. I ordered one from Amazon.

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