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    Stereo Installation

    Hi all,

    I've seen a lot of people wanting to mount sound system's on their ski's so I thought I would post pictures of my install on my 2007 FX HO cruiser and 2007 VX. Both ski's have the exact same sound system the only difference is the speaker mounts. The system is powered directly by the battery and I have installed a waterproof switch in the front storage compartment that is connected to the amp and power adapter stored in the glove box, the amp is mounted into the front storage compartment as well, then wired to the speakers. The ipod that is used for music is stored in the glove box and wired into the power adaptor so no battery loss after a few hours. The ipod is controlled by a Schosche remote control, the remote is not fully waterproof but if you put a bead of silicone around the edge that solves the problem. Then the remote is attached by Velcro padding to the lid of the glove box for full useage, I did this install over 4 years ago and have had no issues I also hear the music just fine up to about 50 mph but most of the time I am cruising around 35 mph, the complete install with parts etc is approx $300 or slightly less depending upon the amp and speakers you use. I have had several people say "I didn't know that Yamaha did factory stereos for pwc......The speaker mounts on the vx are 5'' PVC endcaps with the speakers glue into place with marine glue and then bonded used to flush the speakers to the lip for a finished look. If mounting the speakers to the side I would strongly recommend reinforcing the plastic with fiberglass on the back. Feel free to ask any questions.....Thanks.Click image for larger version. 

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    Just a few more pics of the completed install...Click image for larger version. 

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    Looks great! How does it sound?

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    Thank you, it sounds fine up to 50 mph then too much wind noise...the amp uses very little power so no real draw on the battery.

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    looks great!

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    that looks good man! good work!

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    You gave me inspiration since I shouldnt have tossed some little eclipse speakers I had out...!

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    what size power wire did you use? Did you just ground and hook all the wiring up to the battery? Then use a toggle switch to turn the amp on and off? I really think I am going to do this once I finish my gpr build! I have some 4" eclipse speakers along with a pair of treo 6.5" laying around so the cost of the amp isn't to bad. one of my mirrors are cracked anyway! My girlfriend always said she wanted a stereo on her jet ski...

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    I used a waterproof switch that is mounted in the front storage bin, then an ipod is hooked into the glove box and uses a remote control made by schosche.

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    thanks and good luck

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