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Thread: fx svho 2014

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    fx svho 2014

    yamaha fx svho 2014
    hi all can anyone help lot of cavitation on hole shot thanks

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    I haven't got around to doing it yet on my SVHO, but I certainly improved it a lot on the SHO by simply sealing front two bolt holes and and front edge of grate, to maybe 2-3 cm back from the front two corners. Didn't eliminate it but sure was an improvement, I intend to do it on the SVHO when I get around to the ribbon delete as well. (too much time away from home and it's getting colder so not as motivated at the minute...)

    I just lay under it and did a mask in the area, the carefully trimmed the mask out of the two front bolt holes with a hobby knife and did it with small strips of tape maybe 5 mm back each side of the slot between the hull and grate at the front. Used a good quality clear silicone (Selleys Wet Area for any Aussies reading) and faired a very smooth transition across the gap between hull and grate and across the bolt hole. Peel when dry and voila! It was good enough on the previous ski that I stopped worrying about holeshot cavitation, though keep in mind ribbon delete was only mod...

    I didn't seal further back or all holes as it was only to help holeshot, not chase top speed, and I didn't want it to be a bitch to take grate off if reqd...

    Easy and cheap, not the ultimate solution. My thinking was that the bolt holes were particularly a significant vortex generator/flow disrupter as the pump tried to establish an initial rate of flow on suction only, before velocity based ram effect helped out. Might be worth a try.

    chrs jc

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    What are your mods?

    I did this, cost about 16 bucks!

    Used casting resin that can be found at any hobby shop

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    thanks nigel

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