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    DECISIONS. 2010 Yamaha WaveRunner FX SHO SuperCharged ..... is this a decent deal?

    2010 Yamaha WaveRunner FX SHO SuperCharged with a trailer. 73 hours.... $8000

    I love the idea of speed....... but ..... those SeaDoo superchargers scared me from going near them.

    Then I hear you don't have to rebuild a Yamaha supercharger every 100hrs....... it's 1000 hrs.

    the other one I'm looking at is a FX HO 2007 with 45 hours for $8000

    I like maintenance free............I love speed............

    what do u guys & gals think... and what's the TRUE story with Yamaha superchargers?
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    I like both those things too, when I bought both my supercharged skis I did so on the assumption that the superchargers would not require any additional maintenance compared to my NA ski (50 hour service interval not an issue as I don't do that much in a year anyway...).

    The three provisos here were that both the SHO and SVHO had post 2013 clutches, I mostly ride on flat water and my only engine enhancement would be ribbon delete.

    I don't have massive hours of proving yet but am confident I can have my cake and carve it up too, with no clutch issues unless I'm fairly unlucky... As I pointed out in a different thread recently, these things are indulgent, high performance toys - if you're going to be too sensible about the costs of keeping one, what's the point?

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    Any sort of warranty with that? You don't know where those 72 hours have been. Just skipping winterizing for a harsh year could have a very serious impact on it, but even then $8k seems a bit high. For $3k more you could probably get a 2013 SHO brand new. I'd pay careful attention to how well they took care of the ski, and even then you could probably talk them down a little bit.

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