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    1997 Sea Doo GTI - - - No beeps when lanyard is attached but still starts

    Just bought my first jet ski...1997 Sea Doo GTI. Owner said that if it doesnt beep twice, then it wont start. Brought it home and everything worked great. After it sitting in my garage 2 days, i noticed that when I connected the lanyard to the post, it quit beeping twice. However, it still starts and seems to operate fine. I thought maybe the DESS post failed so I activated the enhanced mode by pressing the start button 5 times with the lanyard not attached and it still doesnt beep. Should i be concerned about this or has my beeper failed? Help for a newbie? Thanks in advance!

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    The fact that it starts would leave me to believe the beeper failed. This is common since it is mounted in the handle bar frame and in the weather. You could test the beeper by unhooking it and connecting it directly to the battery. If the beeper is bad, you have 2 options. Buy a factory replacement. $$$ or buy a generic 12volt beeper and zip tie it. I did the latter on mine. Works great.

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