Hi everyone,

I've got a 2004 GP1300R with approximately 120 hours on the clock. D-plate and chip installed, but other than that the ski is stock. New battery, new plugs, new Black Tip seat cover, and new Hydro Turf mats. Ski runs great, although the stock prop and wear ring could stand to be replaced. Local dealer also performed a factory recall last Summer on some cable. I purchased the ski a few years ago as a project with the intention of building a 70+ mph GPR, but my RXP has taken precedence. I've put maybe 2 hours on the ski since it was purchased a few years ago.

Ski is still in storage here in Milwaukee, so I can certainly post some newer pictures. The ski has a few blemishes, but is in otherwise good shape. In the meantime, here's a video I took a couple of years ago during the Hydro Turf mat install. What you can't see in this video is the new seat cover.

Decals & Mats Removed (Video was originally intended for a couple of friends who also own GPRs):

Mats Installed:

PM me with any questions!