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    Fuel pump removal through hatch?

    Anybody tried to remove the fuel pump / regulator / float assembly through the small hatch on an aS or IS ski?

    I'm trying to see if it's possible to fit a RRPPR without taking the top deck off.

    Anyone? TINY, you must have tried?

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    Yes, It is possible but I do not know how your going to route the hoses for the FPR and not catch them on the suspension parts...Plus, where are you going to mount the regulator???

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    Haven't looked, but my logic was to mount the reg next to the fuel tank somehow and then use the existing fuel line to the rail as it is today. I will mount the reg so I can see and adjust from the inspection hatch. Not as nice n easy as mounted in engine bay, but ok once set. I will monitor AFR's to keep an eye on it, but I only plan running 58psi non rising with a lame 8375 tune. So hopefully it should be a set and forget, fingers crossed.

    Just on the setting up, is it ok to set the static pressure by priming the fuel pump pre start? Is this a reliable pressure that should remain the same once the engine is running?

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    are you planning more mods than your signature?? You really dont need a FPR with those few mods....Just my opinion....

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    Really interesting TINY. I've been saying this all along!! Never say never, but I realistically don't see me going further than this. I asked the forum if I could go this route (no rrfpr, no AFR monitoring & 8375 etc) and many of the trusted members talked me out of "taking the risk".

    I know you have a huge experience and I trust your view, so your answer is music to my ears.

    See the GH member posts here

    So if my stock reg is poor and only giving say 45psi, is it anymore dangerous running the 8375 tune than running stock in this case? Surely both will be lean and at 90hrs, plugs would be white (which they are not) or the engine would have gone bang (which it hasn't).

    Guess the real question is do I want to protect against the stock reg going bad in the future? But running 8375 or stock flash won't change the consequences if I leave the stock reg in??

    is that logical and correct thinking?

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