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    Post 4Tec engine flush? Supercharge gear failure, not washers..

    Just picked up a 05 RXT with 80 hrs all stock that was thowing crank sensor error. Got the motor out and found the supercharger gear failed and ate up the pickup, stator and flywheel. Looks like the front oil pump ate some metal as well but the rear PTO oil pump looks great. Motor has good compression at 155/155/150. Question is can get away with flushing the block (and how is that done) or is it a must I have to split the cases? If I split the cases, is it just taking the bottom case half off and cleaning it up and re-install or is there more to it?

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    if you have rear Oil Pump Damage you have brg damage too. . A engine that drops the supercharger drive gear into the PTO cover also drops all the needles (40) into the rotating engine & will kill the timing chain too.. Looks like a lot of parts needed a complete disassemble and a new timing chain too. That flywheel is 04-05 RXP RXT Only.. Make sure you know where the reluctor ( crankshaft spark timing ring) was located on the crankshaft?? Count the teeth on your supercharger flywheel.. Not the the starter ring.. the next flywheel with have to match that same number count..Seadoo plays with this on a few diff seadoo year models. I think you have a 85 on one side 86 on the other? But you can check it. I just finished a 04 RXP that had this same type failure & it needed a flywheel assembly too... but the supercharger nut back off on the one I repaired & it dumped all the parts into the PTO cover. That is going to be expensve even if you can do the work.......

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    Rear oil pump looks flawless. I found some of the needle bearings but looks like quite a few got chewed up in the timing chain and stator with all the shaved metal in there. I have a new stator, pickup, flywheel, front oil pump on order. Can I get away with a flush and a new timing chain? How would I flush the oil passages? Do I have to pull the head to change the timing chain? I have done tons of gpr 66v motors but this is my first rebuild in the 4tec world. All the advice is greatly appreciated!

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    you will have to disassemble the bottom end in to install the new timing chain..

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    Since it is down that far and main and rod bearings are cheap i would change them for peace of mind... Split the cases and clean that thing right and put new bearings in it and when you go to hit the start button the first time you can be confident that you aren't going to shred a bunch of hundred dollar bills you just spent on new parts only to have to buy them again... Just my .02...

    I'm not sure why Joe seems to think you have to pull the bottom end apart to do a timing chain, last time i looked the rear pto cover was all that had to come off... and it would appear that you already have it off since you know the condition of both oil pumps.

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    I'm have the same problem replaced the pumps and I cannot get the timing cover back any advice would be very helpful

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