HI ,since 2 months ago i start to post on this forum, looking on the experience of the other members to solve my problem and all work thsnkd to the help, here the events

I bought a 2006 gtx that was flodings a cylinder with fuel and with out waterbox, so i first check the injectors and pulse, the 3 was to ground, i follow the wiring and found that the ecm is grounded on this terminal and cant establish comunication with any diagnostic software, then i check the ecm pinout and found that they are very similar and just the tops valve is missing between the 04 and 06 , i install it and the first mesage was the option to add the gauge model to the ecm, i did and the engine runs and rev perfect out of the water, with the CHECK ENGINE MESSAGE , then i change the motor oil and went to the lake to test, that was a panic moment as all the alarms start to work, low oil, check engine ,P2000, i stop the motor and restart it and let it on idle and all the oil messages dissapear, the conclusion the engine is running at 5200 rpm and 35 to 40 mph, i think the problem of the check engine is based on the OSPS AND TOPS valve diference, hera a video of yesterday, will store till i buy the sc rebuild kit and will try to emulate the tops valve and chech thw osps, see it here and tell me if i am on the right or wrong way, thanks