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    V-stacks and Filter for Yamaha FX HO: Worth it?

    Are these 2 mods worth it on a stock 2005 FXHO?

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    nope, will be a big waste of money ,do a test, remove the air filter and see for yourself.

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    +1 not gonna make much of a difference maybe at most .5 to 1 mph. I bought my 2003 and it had those mods plus prop, intake grate, free flow exhaust. Feels almost identical to my stock 2006 except the 2003 is much louder and feels like quicker throttle response.

    If you want to experiment just remove the flame arrestors and the filter and you should have a pretty good idea of what it will do. The 1000cc motors are pretty close to being maxed out not much in their for performance, but you gotta love the reliability and fuel economy cant beat that on a big 3 seater.

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    I have two 2008's with those mods. Here is how I would look at it, if your stock filter is dirty replace with riva and as for the velocity stacks save your money and do the mod yourself it's half an hour job. In my opinion the only mod worth doing on these skis is the R&D ride plate for less bouncy ride don't go with intake grate if you ride on the calm lakes as it adds the bounce back. And definetly don't do the free flow it's waste of money and adds nothing but loud noise.
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