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    Looking to buy

    I have two Polaris jet skis I am looking to buy.

    1. 1999 slx 1050 118 hours, super clean, 120 lbs of compression in all three cylinders, used last summer (we don't ride them year round here in MN). No signs of water or wiring issues. Clean title, numbers all match and the display unit even works. Professionally winterized every season - we actually still have some Polaris mechanics left up here. Asking price $2200

    2. 1996 slt 780 don't know the hours yet or the compression - looking at it tomorrow. Pictures look clean, used last summer. Professionally winterized every season. Asking price $1500.

    Any words of wisdom. I have had Polaris products all my life but have not had a Polaris PWC since 1995.

    Anything I should be looking at specifically? Pricing is difficult to find comparisons - are they in line here?\

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    Does this pricing include a trailer?

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    I don't know what it is about Minnesota, but asking prices for Polaris skis are always a lot higher than anywhere else it seems. If the skis are in good shape and not in need of any work I don't think its too out of line. The 1999 may be a little high. If they both include trailers, then I would say its ok if everything else checks out.

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    Wow that's a lot higher than the prices in cali, if the slx looks clean that can be a good price, but its a little steep for a stock ski in my opinion. I'm not sure about the 780 though, heard they have decent power but never seen one in action. I LOVE my 1050, its always been a reliable ski for me, but again seems a little high

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    I agree with everyone else here. The 1050 will be more fun and hold a higher value. I don't know about MN but I just paid 1500 for a 2000 slx 1200 and a 2004 shorelander double trailer in Chicago a few weeks ago. Did a few repairs and grand total im into it 1700$. If the guy has it listed for 2200 show up with 1700-1800 in cash and im sure he will take it.

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