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    FICHT EMM will not run when warm

    I have a Kawasaki with the 1100 DI motor. I'm not sure how much different my FICHT EMM is from the polaris EMM. The ski will start fine when the ambient temp is below about 90 degrees Fahrenheit; above that and no dice. The ski will run without issue until the engine is turned off. After the engine is off, I usually have to wait about an hour for ski to cool down to the point where I can fire it back up. The cooling lines are all in good order. Has anyone had this issue with a FICHT EMM? Was there a specific component on the EMM that would cause this issue?

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    Often with these Ficht EMM the internal capacitor C89 (on Polaris Ficht) gets weak with age. There are a few other internal components that can also fail.

    There are some diagnostics that you can do to eliminate other possible causes. Just keep in mind that the likely solution is to get the EMM repaired.

    See my signature links, in the Ficht section, for how Ficht works on Polaris.

    The Kawasaki EMM is very similar, but some of the external sensors and such may be slightly different.

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