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    STX 1100 DI EMM wont' start when warm

    I have a 2001 STX with the 1100 DI motor. . The ski will start fine when the ambient temp is below about 90 degrees Fahrenheit; above that and no dice. The ski will run without issue until the engine is turned off. After the engine is off, I usually have to wait about an hour for ski to cool down to the point where I can fire it back up. I'm assuming that the temp rises when the ski is shut down to the point that disables the EMM. The cooling lines are all in good order. Has anyone had this issue with a FICHT EMM? Was there a specific component on the EMM that would cause this issue?

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    +1 on the air temp sensor, you can spray it with some brake cleaner to chill it off and then see if you get a start.

    did you check the actual water flow thru the emm?

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    I have found out that kawasaki di ski's have mysteries electrical shorts, unplug all connectors clean check.
    What part of electrical system have you seen the shorting on the DI skis?

    I have had 2 Kawi DI skis for 14 years since 2000 and never had an electrical short yet, but I'd better be ready!

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    Unfortunately it is probably your EMM. has a bunch of KAWI EMMs in stock. I have owned 2 different STX DIs this summer with 3 different EMMs and the EMM seems to be the #1 cause of issue with these things, minus the occasional TPS swap.

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