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    760 Waveblaster PARTOUT

    Its the second ski in the photo, however, the engine is already spoken for...(its going in project blaster)

    Its a well maintained ski with everything fully in tact. Ski ran like a bat out of hell 2 years ago and then was put away. LOW HOURS and it shows.

    Let me know what you need.

    Ill get a better photo in a day or two. But its obviously not the first ski

    pm me or email me at tony*[email protected]
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    Tore the ski apart today, got the motor out and a lot of other part. Im waiting on the original buyer for the motor to message me back, otherwise ill have some very NICE engine parts for sale. Stator, carbs, full exhaust, ecu, harness, and freely spinning motor. it spun beautifully and def has good compression. It is very clear that the motor was well cared for as well as the other parts. Also...LOW LOW hours....some of the pieces inside after a wipe down looked new.

    Steering cable is in good shape but the reverse has some cracking around the base of the through hull mount.

    I do have the intermediate shaft assembly out which was SMOOOTH as butter. and also the full exhaust system. The pump bearings are also in perfect shape as those spun beautifully. I have no removed the pump and ride plate just yet but i will have a full description, and photos tomorrow. So stay tuned.

    If you need parts, ask away.

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    760 Wave runner PARTOUT

    Okay here we go. Ski was taken care of and covered it whole life. have only had to break off a few bolts in the ride plate area, but other then that they have all came out easily and nicely. An Indication that ski was well taken care of. Wires were lubed with grease and parts were clean and amlost entirely free of any corrosion. The ski was used in the ocean, but mainly used in the freshwater. Prices are BEFORE shipping. I will combine parts to save on shipping. These are priced to move quickly as I dont want to sit on these forever. Please do no send me your low ball offers, as the prices are set. If you see something that is missing a piece or a cable or bracket needs to be included, or electrical/ mechanical components that need to remain together please let me know.

    Intermediate shaft assembly and coupler, with the second bracket a little over 100 hours on it, spins very smoothly and is clean, bolts came out easy and is ready to install. 100

    Exhaust rubber tubing in great shape with no cracks or kinks and twin thru hull outlet 75

    Shroud in seriously GREAT shape. There are no cracks, no spider webs, the paint still has a nice shine and is ready to bolt. Stickers are faded, remove, polish and install, and itll look new 40

    Working steering cable with bracket 40


    Ride plate with speedo sensor, cable, through hull fitttings and nice gasket 40

    manifold, joint, bracket and exhaust what you see 275

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    Oil injector 25

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    Full 64x harness, OEM stator, OEM flywheel, OEM CDI, clean cover, rectifier, thermo, ignition coils, starter solenoid, and working gauge, EVERYTHING. 500.


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    oem good clean working Bendix 15

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    front hatch cover?
    PM me I normally dont look in the for sale section

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    Pictures are visible what color is it and if ^ doesnt take the front hatch cover I'd like it.

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