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    08' RXTX post ride flushing.. Leave the flush hole unplugged or sealed during riding?

    Just bought this ski (first one) and am very confused on the flushing process... I know why and the steps (engine on, water on, water off, engine off) but my ski came with this white connector screwed into the threaded port, a quick disconnect type that is spring loaded closed to only allow water in and not out. The guy I bought the ski from gave me a new sea doo adaptor hose to flush it with, but it doesn't connect to the adaptor thats threaded into the hull. I read up a bit tonight on flushing and saw a few threads that said whatever adaptor is used to flush with should be removed and the flushing port left open while riding, is this a normal practice? Ive ridden twice and have never taken it out..

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    Yes you should remove it.

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