Okay so I have a 2002 rxdi 951 I have just completely rebuilt the engine new crank and top end as well as the compressor. I finally got everything done and my ski started right up and then did a long beep and says maint so I went to my buddies shop and he hooked up the seadoo diagnostic tool to it and it says tps out of range and I have replaced them and changed harnesses and computers and the mag shows at 4% and the pto at 200% which is wide open throttle I have reset them and it still shows it even unplugged it shows wide open what could this be.

my buddy seems to think that it's fuel pressure I noticed that the hose that comes of the compressor was hardly blowing any air at all what psi should I be getting from the fuel pump and the compressor

currently the the ski will start right up and idle all day but when you give it has it bogs in or out of water