The Watercraft Journal: Kev, youíve got quite a few irons in the fire these days. What is Jetski Junkies Ė or better yet, who are the Jetski Junkies? And can you tell us a little more about how you came about creating the Jet Life brand?

Kev Hemingway: You could certainly say that. You know the question of who the Jetski Junkies are, is without a doubt, better described by our members. I believe that the words and expressions JJ members relay to others about their experiences and adventures, whether itís a ride, overnight tour, out-of-state rally or even an expedition to another country. The stories each of them have, either individually or as a family to bring home, to tell their friends and maybe someday their grandchildren is priceless and with any luck, life changing in some way. This sets the tone for your next question about the Jet Life brand.

Jet Life became a term I used a bit when I was communicating with folks who had amazing stories or rides they had done or planned to do. These adventures seemed so epic that it was apparent to me that these folks, very much like my family, were watersport fanatics to the point that our lives twisted and wrapped itself around the sport of Jet Skiing. It became very obvious that we were eluding to the Jet Life and with a leap of faith, my wife and I trademarked the name and slowly, working through some adversity, began to put it out there. I feel Jet Life is more about PWC enthusiasts living more of a PWC influenced lifestyle and helping to spread the excitement of this awesome sport. I canít think of a better way of doing that then with the club and creating a legacy like Jet Life for the sport.
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