Does this make sense to anybody? 155 GTX. I'm using a 06 short block with a 02 PTO housing, electronics and head. I changed the rocker shaft.

I have read about moving the trigger wheel 127 degrees. If you move the wheel 120 degrees clockwise from the 06 locating pin, since the bolt holes are rotated 7 degrees clockwise would you not have to bring the wheel back 7 degrees counter clockwise to get it in the proper spot.

Last fall I tried 120, 127 and 113 degrees, but this spring I found out the idle air valve was faulty so it would never idle properly. Put a new valve in and started it on the flush hose set at 113 degrees and it idled good.

Changed it to 127 degrees because of the advise from forum members. Now it will barley idle and if I slowly advance the throttle it dies.

Has any used a 06+ crankshaft in a older engine? How many degrees did you move the trigger wheel from the 06 locating pin.