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    Mini gallery: No Shortage of Special Forces Using Personal Watercraft

    Image: Flashbang magazine

    Although there’s nothing official coming from either camps, being the OEMs or any branch of the United States Armed Forces, we know that the American military is 1) the most well-funded peace-keeping mechanism to have ever existed on this spinning ball we call home and 2) is not against using any form of technology that would provide them the best tactical upper hand.

    That being said, high speed insertion/extraction vehicles have been in regular use for decades. According to a report on,* “One example of these activities occurred during the early 80′s, when Maritime Branch personnel trained Nicaraguan Contras to use of high speed boats for attacks against Sandinista shipping. They also stood by to launch underwater sabotage attacks against ships docked in Managua’s harbor. Another example occurred in early 1991. This time Maritime Branch operators instructed US military SOF in the use of modified jet skis for a possible hostage rescue mission during Operation Desert Storm.”

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    This is an awesome article!!! The US coastguard has two kawis under covers in there ocean city Maryland base.

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    I've heard that the SF ski's are modified with a engine muffler system. Not sure if that's true or not but I would think so.

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