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    1990 650sx part search

    i am looking for a starter relay for my ski, its part number is 27010-3705, it is a starter relay for a 1990 650sx. Does anyone know if they are interchangable at all? with a different year?

    Also i am searching for a start stop switch, that has a lanyard kill switch
    I know some are interchangable with different years and models.

    If anyone has any of these parts they are willing to sell me let know, I am in washington, but am willing to pay for shipping and will pay through paypal
    thank you

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    A different starter relay would work, but I don't know if it would physically fit.

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    thank you steve, I was kind of thinking along those lines.
    But I got lucky and topside powersports has a starter relay, and $40 shipped across the country isn't too bad.
    I looked at a couple different things, and the 1991 has the same switch and all, but I would just have to splice wires, which is easy for me to do. So I am calling him monday and see what he has laying around.
    Anyone else ever use topside powersports?

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    Never heard of topside. try contacting the forum member john zigler from, great guy and has good prices. I buy everything for my 650 from him.

    last year when I got a new relay for my 87' I could not find the one specifically for that year but I did find one for a 1990 model. only difference was the wire colors but it was easy to see which wires plugged in where.

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    Those are dirt cheap on ebay and readily available..

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