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    Loss a 1000 rpm and there was a lot of black ash around the back

    Hi I was out today with me 2002 polairs genesis 1200 (carb) and she was working good and then the rpm started going up and down about a 1000 rpm and at the end of a 1/2 hour. Almost out of last years gas and last year plugs and she went from 7000 rpm down to 6000 rpm and that were she stayed. Now the low fuel was coming on but I new I still had a bet of gas to keep going. I went abet when the red light would come on before. But would not drop rpm s. do you guy have any opposing

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    Oh ya and what's up with all that black ash. At the muffer exit. Im hoping its the carb or a revee value or hoping even more just bad gas or spark plug. Going to add some good gas tomorrow and new plus. Do you think I should look at any other thing as will

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    Check your compression. You probably shouldn't have run it that low on old gas.

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    It happen before and with some new gas she was back up and going. Was try to
    get some of it out. I hope I didn't miss her up. New engine I just put in.

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    There is still about 25 or. 15% in the tank

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    Fill it up with fresh premium fuel and give it a rip.

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    Yup I'm going to, iwill post tomorrow, to see what happens. Thanks

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