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    03 ultra 150 cylinder 3 hot on hose

    Has damaged no 3 piston several times. Just got it back together and noticed it was a lot warmer on no 3 than 1 and two on the hose. Since it has damaged no 3 several times I degreed the crank and marked the pto hub respectively along with a pointer while the engine was on bench with heads off. Crank was within less than 2 degrees. I checked timing at a high idle and all three cylinders are within a degree. Spark plug on no 3 is relatively dry in comparison to 1 and 2 after a while on the hose. Scared to run it on the water after noticing this. just wondering if this is norm on the hose because of the way water is being fed into the motor verses from the pump when riding the ski. Still seems like the plug should be wetter. Has 48 pilots and new 165 mains

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    I'd be concerned about #3 being 'relatively dry in comparison to 1 and 2'. Have you gone through the carbs?

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    Multiple times

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    My bad noticed in manual this morning that its better to run on trailer in water than on hose. Backed into pond an temps seem to be very close to one another.3 plug still looks cleaner than 1 and two. 2 is the wettest but also showed the lowest comp this morning.

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    Did you put the carb flange on the right way so the air from the airbox feeds the carb? You runnng a stock airbox?
    Oil lines in corret place and good shape?

    What kind of "damage" to #3? Melted top center? stuck rings? potmarked? Got a pic of an old piston?

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