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    How to pick impeller?

    Hi I'm looking to start upgrading my ski and didn't want to go overboard with it. My only plans so to do so far are new r&d intake, ride plate, remove the ribbon in intake, air intake and exhaust. Lastly I want to change the impeller but don't know what or how to choose. I'm looking for a more overall impeller? Thanks any help much appreciated

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    keep the standard one and repitch it, the trick is to obtain max performance with max speed to revs ratio. if you go up in pitch sizes and dont have the power to turn a taller prop you will actually loose performance, tbm cones and lucky 13 cones might be the way to go. the skat swirl is the best option if you want to upgrade 13/21 would be the biggest you will want. solas tend to cavitate more from stand still.

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