Hey guys

We (turbo retro and myself) have seen the need for a device that splits the output of a single Bosch LSU4.2 (or any 5 wire sensor) and outputs it 3 or 5 times

Thus your single O2 sensor becomes many giving you the ability to give all the devices you run its own raw data

Now this is not just some fancy Y cable
It is a microprocessor controlled box ensuring that the input is faithfully recreated on each output in real time

With the added benefits of
Cleaning up your hull from reduced wiring
Running 1 sensor lowers your sensor fail rate 1/3rd (one sensor that can fail vs three that can fail)

We are currently in prototyping and testing phase

Pricing has yet to be determined but it will be cheaper than your current options to run three or even 5 sensors with the cost of sensors and machining to install them

There will be a for sale thread as soon as they have been tested and repackaged into a durable casing (prototype is currently getting housed in plastic box from local electronics store, and aint pretty enough)