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    O2 Sensor output splitter (poll inside) - watch this space

    Hey guys

    We (turbo retro and myself) have seen the need for a device that splits the output of a single Bosch LSU4.2 (or any 5 wire sensor) and outputs it 3 or 5 times

    Thus your single O2 sensor becomes many giving you the ability to give all the devices you run its own raw data

    Now this is not just some fancy Y cable
    It is a microprocessor controlled box ensuring that the input is faithfully recreated on each output in real time

    With the added benefits of
    Cleaning up your hull from reduced wiring
    Running 1 sensor lowers your sensor fail rate 1/3rd (one sensor that can fail vs three that can fail)

    We are currently in prototyping and testing phase

    Pricing has yet to be determined but it will be cheaper than your current options to run three or even 5 sensors with the cost of sensors and machining to install them

    There will be a for sale thread as soon as they have been tested and repackaged into a durable casing (prototype is currently getting housed in plastic box from local electronics store, and aint pretty enough)

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    Please give examples of devices you want to feed the signal into. All of this should be "as far as I know"

    Motec accepts 0-5 volt linear input but will only log it. They have a proprietary unit if you want closed loop O2 control.

    Megasquirt will work with almost any 0-5 volt input. CAN comms gets a little more involved but doable.

    CMD will output 0-5 volt but only accept a proprietary CAN input.

    Vtech will log a 0-5 volt in but only log it.

    Most Innovate devices can output a programmable 0-5 volt.

    Most of the gauges/displays I have seen are looking for 0-5v input

    What other devices are you picturing?


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    This was more aimed at those people who do not for one reason or another want to run a 5v out daisy chain from one device to another and instead choose to run multiple sensors

    This will give every unit plugged into it what it will see as its own sensor whilst only actually being one sensor
    this should also theoretically be faster than a daisy chain as every step would add a small amount of latency to the chain (and you run the risk of a dodgy 5v out corrupting the chain)
    And finally for those people who have devices that do not accept a 5v input and only take the raw sensor data

    if it were as simple as "you dont need multiple sensors" then people wouldn't be running multiple sensors (i have seen quite a few that are)
    and those people would be the market we would be targeting

    and for a direct answer to your request for examples

    Any of them
    All of them
    All with what they will see as a sensor of their own

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    I'll take one now. Need to run a Vtech logger and CMD from one sensor. Let me know when they are ready.

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    Bitches love 5v outputs

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