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    2007 RXT 215 quick question

    I picked up a very low hour 2007 rxt

    I am continuously getting PO326 which is knock sensor out of range.

    The ski was sitting for a while so I figured it was bad gas.

    I replaced the gas with 93 octane and I'm still getting the code.

    It only comes on when I give 3/4 or more throttle, at around 6k rpms and goes away after I pull the lanyard, at least until I go over 6k rpms again.

    I tested the sensor and I'm getting 233 K ohms, that's way off from the 5m it supposed to have, is this my issue?

    Does the ski need to be running to test the sensor?

    I did alot of searching and I read the knock sensor failures are rare, so I'm second guessing myself here

    Appreciate the help guys!

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    Knock sensors do go bad and I have sold alot of them if that tells you anything, just replace it.

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