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    Choosing the right V-tech mapping tune for RXT-X?

    Hey guys,
    I have a fairly stock RXT-X 2011, with a 2014 engine. (United States) R&D intake grate, thinking about a 4 inch air intake, maybe a Solas impeller, not much past that.
    Just purchased my V-tech maptuner and it defaulted to a tune of:
    48 8375 169 36 38 AGR 102, not sure what that all means, I was hoping for a standard 42lbs injector with a 8350 RPM. Having the ski start in the sport mode would also be ideal. I'm really not interested in upgrading the valve train unless I have to.
    I saw many other tunes I could download at no cost, but not sure which one is the best for me. I'm assuming the 8375 is the RPM, and the other options in that category deals mostly with the last number, AGR101, NOR 102, NOR 101 Agr 401. Unless you go with higher RPMs
    I'm also hearing that I may have to increase the fuel injectors to 50lbs, is this true?
    Thanks for any and all input.

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    Install the air intake and prop, I am running the stock intake grate, 8400 tune

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    if you want i have one for sale the intake grate

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