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    gp1200r oil pump question

    I bought a gp1200r at the beginning of last season and just rode it the way it was all season. After idling for a minute this thing just smokes like crazy like the oil pump is wide open all the time. I went poking around and the oil pump cable is not hooked up at all and is just totally slack, in this position is the pump wide open? at first I tried pulling on the cable to see if I could reconnect it but it wouldn't pull out far enough so I thought they must have zip tied something in there. well I started getting the sticking throttle issue and long story short is I have the exhaust off and carbs off and I want to get the pump working the way it should. I can flip the pump lever over and once you get it about an 1/8th of a turn you can then pull the cable and it moves freely. so with the cable totally slack is the pump wide open? I don't want to mess anything up by hooking it back up if the last owner messed with something internally on the pump, sorry for the long post

    Thanks, Josh

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    yes, when the cable comes off the lever is spring loaded to go to max oil delivery

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    Perfect! thats what i wanted to hear

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