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    Converting gp1300r to premix

    Hey guys. So my throttle cable went out last weekend and im in process of putting a new cable on it. What a pita btw! so anyways. Ive got so much torn apart right now im right there to convert it pver to premix. I hate constantly worrying about the pump going out or a oil line coming off. So it would be way less stressful knowing its premixed. I never ride far distances where I have to stop and get gas at a marina so thats not a problem. Only thing im worried about Wil that oil get through the injectors. Who's running premix and has anyone had any problems? My thought is I should be safe if I run a good oil thats safe for fuel injected models right? Ive done some reading and some people say run a good oil for fi models and never look back. Whats your opinion?
    thanks matt

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    okay to premix if you want

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    I got my new cable in. Since all the exhaust was off I examined my oil iniection system. Im sure it would have kept working great. But the pump was very rusty and my oil lines were getting hard. The clamps were def strong and held on well. Just didnt want to run all new lines. Decided to go with premix. What kind of oil are you guys running. I hear alot about Mosul interceptor and klotz. Anyone have any experience with maxima?

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    Ive used Klotz and maxima for years. You will be fine premixing yamalube. Guys have been doing it for years no issues.

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    What yamalube? Ive got alot of that 2w left from the oil iniection but from what I read they have alot of additives in it to work with the factory cat so it dosent clog. Therefore not as good lubrication. Ive read alot of people premixing with yamalube 2s. 2r. Klotz. And the amsoil interceptor. The shop I work at we carry maxima and they have great oils from my expierence. Just not sure which one will be best for the fuel injection system. Im thinking the k2 or super m

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