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    Ultra 150 head domes

    Hi guys.

    Whats the deal with these billet domes and head kit ?

    The come in different sizes (cc), and give a + number.

    example: 42cc dome = +10lb

    Is this a torque add or a thrust add ?

    And how do you measure dome cc ?

    Could i just modify my OEM heads ?

    I'm using 98 pump gas.


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    Billet heads (like ADA) have interchangeable domes, only the largest dome can run pump gas, so you have to run race fuel for any smaller domes.
    They add torque, holeshot, and accelleration but not much top speed.
    OEM heads can be milled to get the same result, but it has to be professionally done, "squish area" has to be recut at the edge of the head to keep that part like stock or else you will burn pistons.
    98 pump gas is I think the same as our 91 gas, so remeber when they say for certian octane, thats US octane, not Europe.

    Dome CC is you put in a spark plug, turn the head upside down, fill it with mineral oil and when its full, pour it into a measured lab cylinder and that gives you CC of the head. Other way is cover the head with plexyglass with a small hole in it so you can pour in mineral oil from a graduated lab glass cylinder and see how much it takes to fill the head space.

    The ADA head works well, and links the top of the cylinders together for better engine stability.

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