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    02 gtx 4 tec ecu or injector problem

    Hello all. I just purchased a 02 gtx 4 tec. Was out riding and happened to flip the over in salt water. Was able to flip it back over and swim it to shore. Pulled plugs out and drained water out of the hull. Water was up to the middle of the battery. Got ski to fire up and rode it back to the ramp. Ran fine. Got home and changed oil. All was good no water in oil. Took it out to run the next day and ran great for a half mile then bogged down. Got towed back. Pulled spark plugs and #3 cyl filled with gas. Pulled injector rail and put key on and gas squirted out of # 3 injector for 4 seconds then stopped. Continued to squirt everytime i hit the start button. Switched injector for number 2 still squirting out of number 3 spot. Pulled all connections, fuses and blew compressed air into them. Any ideas? Thanks

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    was a bad ECU

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