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    First time buyer - what to look for?

    looking for a couple of VX runners about 3-6 yrs old with less than 100 hrs. i know that at 100 hrs it could be beat to crap or that a 300 ski could be a great find. that being said, i am just in a wish list mode.

    My question is what should i be looking for upon inspection before purchasing or discussing purchase.

    i dont want to miss anything. any help would be appreciated.

    i am leaning to the VX because i know they are not super charged and seems to be dependable, all the ski rental places here use that model. i just want to cruise and enjoy, dont need the speed or hotrod.

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    for once , they like that particular model because the price, they are at the bottom of the list, however they do tend to last 500 to 1000 hours , one issue i don't like on vx in general is the way the driveshaft goes through the hull, it always leak water from there. other than that, check for corrosion and oil leaks.

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    The VX's are a great, basic choice. Also, don't rule out the FX and FX HO. They aren't so basic and are still non SC.

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    If possible take it to a dealer to get checked out before you buy it. If there is something that needs fixing then you can try and negotiate a lower purchase price to cover the repairs.

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