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    Differences in pump design 66V, 60T and 60E (specifically transom plates)

    I need a transomplate for a 2006 FX Cruiser HO and I was looking on ebay and I see two pump designations. A 66V older style pump and a 60E pump. Some of the parts are interchangeable between models. There seems to be more of the 66V components on ebay. Does anyone know if they are the same part. They look similar but obviously, I don't have one here to check the differences.



    Edit: I was wrong, I have a 2000 SUV here and I have the pump out. From the back the transomplate looks identical between the 2006 FX Cruiser HO plate (60E-G5831-01-00) and the 2000 SUVplate (66V). There is a cast in number on the plates made by Tashima 66V00 for the SUV and Tashima 66V02 for the FX HO. In addition, there is another cast in number on the 2006 FX HO (60E01). I also saw a GPR1300R plate on ebay that had the Tashima 66V02 on it but not the other casting and the GPR1300R transomplate part number starts with a 60T.

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    i have one for the fx ho , funny that its actually from a 06 fx cruiser.

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