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    Throttle Body butterflys not sync'ed

    As I was adjusting throttle, I noticed that they move at a slightly different time then each other. Like a domino effect. Its very very slight. I also can't seem to get the throttle at 100% WOT. When I seem to get it there, the RPMs will hang. I was letting the engine run and adjusting the cable at the mid point not at the TB's. What is the correct order to adjust the throttle? Is there a specific way of doing it? After adjusting it, do I need to adjust the TPS? I have searched about the TPS voltage a bit and it seems I can't do much as far as readings until I make that jumper harness, correct? I looked for throttle adjustment and didn't really get much info on here. Thanks.

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    What year and model?

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    02 virage txi... 1200

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