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    Y'all better not hurt each running to grab this deal!

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    Is that the one with the leaky steering?

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    damn, I can buy a 2014 for a little more than that!!!!

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    can you buy a rebuilt insurance job that leaks and is on it's 3rd motor for that?

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    who's got asprin?..I have a gi-normous headache after looking at that jumbled mess of a listing ( and I thought MY spelling was bad)

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    HAHA!!! That dude is local to me and all he does is buy late model Seadoos and Can Ams, cleans them up and resells them. That's fine and all, but his prices are crazy and most of the skis I've seen that came through him have been shit. I could go on for days about the 2 stokes I've seen come through him. I would tell some stories but I don't think there is enough pop corn available!

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