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    Yamaha FX SHO, Newbie ?

    So here goes. New owner of a SHO. Have 5 hours on it so far. Unloaded off the trailer and sucked up 2''x2'' rock into the Impeller. Needless to say, that's not good at all. Have the impeller off and waiting on a new one to come in. Question; Is there any way to make a screen to go over the inlet side to protect the Impeller from ingesting such objects?? Thanks

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    How in the world did you get a 2" rock through the factory grate?

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    Any sort of screen would cause a massive cavitation problem
    You will only suck up rocks because the water is too shallow for ridding
    That's the easiest thing to change

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    Yep I agree. I let the ski hit bottom at the boat landing. Just my luck I guess that rock was sitting in the right place. Live and learn. All is fixed now, so I will just have to be more careful. Thanks for the help

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    That's why I never ride mine in anything less than 3 ft of water. I see skis all the time in very shallow water (knee high) and where I ride when low tide comes around, just about 2-5" under calm surface there's coral rocks and sand. Not only would I be afraid to suck something up the grate but also hitting a solid rock or sand bar doing 40+ mph. I've seen two girls do just that and both flew over the front of the ski, luckily they were doing just over min speed.

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