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    Hey guys,

    I just wanted to take a second here and let everyone know what I thought of Duke. I am not heavy on this forum but we can all see from his post count that he is.

    I met Duke in person on Sunday. He was selling a 96 XP that I found on another website. We texted a bit at first but I'm sure an out of state buyer sometimes can seem fishy through text messaging. I ended up calling him and set up a time to meet to check out the Ski. Everything that he told me before I seen the ski in person was exactly as he described. There was not one thing that I asked about or that he explained that was different in person. A very straight shooter and a very trustworthy person.

    If you have every considered doing business with him, I would say go for it. You won't be dissapointed.

    Duke, Thanks for the ski. I have taken it out two times already and was fixing to head out to the lake today.

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    a BIG +1 all my dealing with Duke have been perfect He's a Stand up guy!!!

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    Very glad your happy Chris! its been a great ski and going to miss it. Have to move on to other things.

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    Just wanted to put the word out. It is always easier to buy something from someone on forums if you actually know they are an individual you would want to deal with in person.

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    Had the pleasure of meeting Duke in person at the hydro drags in November, very knowledgeable, and over all nice guy..

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