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    Help me decide which ski please.

    I am getting back into smaller 2 stroke skis and I had a few I wanted to ask the forum here about.
    I do mostly lakes with my son and we go to the beach every other weekend and I take a ski out to jump waves by myself.

    Just looking for something lighter that can cruise with my son (reliability is a concern of course) and not beat us to death and something that is a nice jumper. Just the holy grail. :P

    99 GSX Limited
    99 GP1200
    01 GP1200r
    01 Ultra 150
    02 STXR

    Let me know.

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    The new Spark not an option ?

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    I like the gp myself but I'd think reliability would be an issue if it hasn't been maintained to perfection. Especially being 15 years old. I've heard nothing but good things about the spark, except the handlebars may crack/break with jumping. But I'm only going by what I've read in this forum, I have no first hand knowledge. But for the price, you can have a brand new, reliable ski for a couple thousand more than what you're going to pay for a used one. Just my 2 cents.

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    I think a Sea Doo Spark fits your criteria best except for the 2 stroke part...

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    I have owned a few skis and my Ultra 150 was simply a blast to ride! But was a total POS.... I have always wanted a 4 stroke ultra 150 or a 1300 Yamaha motor in one

    I would also say the stx hull is hard to beat...

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    Yea the spark is on top of all of these to me really. Only reason I don't have one is because I am just nervous about the new materials and plastic composite handlebars.

    I am a bigger guy and break stuff pretty good.

    But I would much rather have a new 4 stroke than a 15 year old 2 stroke. lol

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