Hello all. Exclude the boat question but its the same dash as skis and I know 1000 tea more people read this forum!!

ive just purchases a 2012 Speedster 150. The dash guages don't work or light up at all. Boat starts and runs fine. Its a 2012 so has the newer guages with the GPS icon etc.

We are pretty sure its the gauges altho they are pricey so wish to be sure before I purchase. Do these units go wrong often? (Is it quite likely this is definitely my problem? We have checked fuses in 2 fuse boxes 1 behind guages and 1 in engine bay)

My friend has a 2010 Rxtx 260. Since I've removed my guages could I plug mine into his ski and check that its 100% my guages at fault? He has Seadoo Buds (although he is not a Seadoo dealer). I assume he needs this to marry units? Or is there a better way to test?

Im happy to order new ones but obviously don't wish to spend hundreds of dollars if not my problem. Finally I'm in the uk and boat is out of warranty as its a USA boat and isn't honoured in Uk (it would be if still in USA as isn't 2 years old yet.