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    yamaha 1200 SUV slow about getting on plane

    I bought a 2000 Yamaha 1200 SUV and this thing is so slow about getting on plane. I filled the pump shoe and took it for a test drive today with the same issue. I guarantee my old 650 wave runner 3 will beat this thing out of the hole with two people on it. I know its cavitating and it shouldn't plow the water with just me @ 215lbs and my daughter that's 65lbs. It helps if i trim the nose down but it still is slow and cavitates some. I use to slalom behind my wave venture 1100 back when I was 180lbs and there's no way you could slalom behind this thing. I am at a loss, clearance between impeller and wear ring is .3-.5mm. Compression is good and it runs great other than that issue. This can't be normal for these big skis can it? I am going to go bang my head now!! Any help is appreciated.

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    At .5mm, the pump is very close to its service limit. May be time for a new intake duct and impeller

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    What would make the ring wear more on one side than the other? Can I replace just the ring or do I have to buy the housing as well?

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    A lot of times they wear unevenly. If it has the plastic insert, it is replaceable. If it is metal, it is the factory intake duct, and is not replaceable. You would have to buy a replacement duct, with the plastic insert.

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    I got the wear ring out and it's an aftermarket with replaceable liner. Now I have the job of trying to figure out which liner by what mfg. here's a couple pics any idea who made it? I know its hard to tell from pics but there aren't any p/n or names on it.
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    And another without liner
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    I think the liners are pretty much a standard item. Industry wide they should be that same diameter...but I would ask whoever you order from.

    I get the feeling I will be changing mine at some point too. I hope this works for ya. it what I suggested in a diff thread.
    I also thought you might change the little cone in the back too, since everything is torn down.

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    I found the SBT liners but they say they only work on SBT housings. That makes me think there may be others but I'm not sure. I may look into the small cone as well.

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    Determined its a wsm wear ring so I ordered a new insert and a Solas impeller hoping that's going to fix my problems.

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    Easy trick to install and removing the wear ring is to place it in the freezer and it will come right out and or go in very easily. Mine took about 10 minutes.

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