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    Where do you store your trailer/skis?

    I'm looking to get a double jet ski trailer but I'm running into where to store it. My garage would normally have room but I have a work trailer in there and from what I've seen, most trailers are 8 feet or wider. We have a storage unit with space but the width of the door is exactly 8 feet. I'd rather avoid storing them outside in south Texas, the sun would be awful on it even with a cover. I can store a single in my garage but I'm pushing for two skis.

    I was just curious to hear some solutions or if there are any trailers that can fit two skis under 8 feet in width.

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    Many double watercraft trailers are close to or right at the legal limit of 102" wide (eight feet six inches).

    There is a dual trailer system available which ties two single trailers together to make a tandem configuration. You can separate the two trailers for storage. Put one in at a time to fit through the door. A bit more storage space might be saved by orienting one facing out and the other one facing in.

    Of course you then have to re-link the two singles into a double before you can head to the water.

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