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    98 seadoo gtx rfi I screwed up badly

    Hello, I bought a new battery for my 98 gtx rfi and i didn't order the left terminal positive option. Anyway I am color blind and I didn't catch that I had the terminals backwards untill I had attached them. I did hook up the lanyard and there was nothing, so I checked and that is when I noticed my stupid mistake. I am hoping maybe there is a fuse or something that I blew rather than the mpem. I tried getting the cover off the electrical box where the voltage rectifier is mounted in the back which is where I assume the fuse would be, but I can't figure out how to get it open! I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. I hope I was not the first person to ever make this mistake!! Thanks guys

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    With it put on the right way are you getting power? Or have you tried that yet?

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    But I believe on the MPEM, there is a cover that says spare fuses, underneatht the cover there are a column of fuses. Look for a blown one.

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    I tried with the battery on correctly. No power to anything. The MPEM is in front correct?

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    Wow. I am kind of embarrassed I didn't know those were there. One was blown. Thanks a million!

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    That was it! Thanks again!

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    Does it work? Usually it destroys a diode in the mpem, and the fuse won't hold

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    I just ran it for a minute, and it seemed fine. Would it be that same fuse that blows again? Man what a bonehead move that was!

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